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Eau de Parfum Spray For HimIn Stock
  • 40ml
    £15.00RRP £20.00SAVE £5.00
  • 125ml
    £25.00RRP £35.00SAVE £10.00
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  • 40ml Set contains – Eau de parfum 40ml spray, 100ml Body Shampoo
  • 125ml Set contains – Eau de parfum 125ml spray, 150ml Deodorant Spray

Police Icon is a sweet and spicy fragrance that comes in a beautiful dark blue bottle in the shape of a falcon. The fragrance opens with notes of pink pepper, strawberry and cardamom, contrasting spiciness with jam-like sweetness. The heart notes are lavender, rosemary and patchouli, bringing out the green herbal scents. The fragrance closes with the base notes of cozy vanilla and deep labdunum